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Exceptional work from original description of project to completed e-business web site. Flexible to work with and trustworthy. Excellent work product. Good thinkers here! gave them general ideas of what I wanted and they put it together and more. Trustworthy supplier.

- Mr. Steve Kaip

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Curtis Jackson
My business requirements were interpreted perfectly, and the absolutely right technology was used to deliver the project on time, with very little input or follow-up from me. The project was done professionally and hassle-free, which is very important when you are working with an offshore firm. Savitr project manager Swamy was simply terrific. He was very responsive and was available whenever I needed him. I will recommend Savitr to anyone looking to have work done offshore. They provide the latest technology solutions on time and on budget, hassle-free.

Thanks for all your help on this project and I wish you and your company continued success.

Steve Williams
My partner and I have been very pleased with the level of service we have received from Savitr.

From the very beginning of our project they have been actively involved to make sure that they understood what we were trying to accomplish.

You will be very impressed with the level of communication you will receive from them before, during, and after!

Their grasp of Ecommerce and its many applications are quite extensive and you will find that they easily grasp the most sophisticated concepts.

You have chosen a great company to do business with!

Mark E Stutzmann
I just wanted to drop this note to let you know how a felt this project worked out for my company.  In 23 years, working in Wall Street Technology this is the first time I have had a project of this magnitude delivered on time.  The week delay was due to my last minute changes, which would have taken any other company 3 weeks to change.  As you explained in our original interview, Wall Street Technology was not one of your specialties but you over came it as promised.  My account manager "Uday" was quick to learn the terminology and calculations associated with the project.  The manner in which the code was written and amount of time in which each new feature was added, I thought I had a team of 100 seasoned developers working for me.

The cost of this project came in exactly what we discussed, The fact that you made last minute changes I needed and included that in our contract price is a true testimonial of your word.  Any other development company would have tried to extract more money.

I look forward to starting our next project with excitement.  Please feel free to pass on my email address to future customers.  They will not believe the commitment of you and your employees unless I tell them myself.

Chris Andrews
Savitr has been very helpful to me. I approached them for developing an online project management system for my CAD designing business. They are experts at giving cost effective solutions and see to that they are delivered to the customer. I was very happy with their service. Their communication and project updates are very sharp and regular.

Bob Greenberg
This Phase covered the Implementation of the actual programming (PHP & My SQL to run on a Macintosh Xserve) that was detailed in the original FSR. Savitr assigned a very competent and congenial team of programmers to this large project. I have been very pleased to communicate and work with them all, and will continue to use them for all future enhancements.

This Phase covered some revisions and additions to the Web Site that I had not originally included in my initial Request For Services. As usual, the Savitr programming team that worked on my project did an outstanding Job. I am very happy that I found and chose this dedicated company. This is the first overseas company that I out-sourced programming to, and the end-results show I made an excellent choice in programmers from the many bids that I received. Prior to selecting them as my Programming Provider, I initially liked the look/design of the work in their portfolio, combined with their expertise in Database Functionality. Savitr's bid was about in the middle, as there were other bids that were less expensive as well as more expensive. I thought their bid was fair for the work entailed, and felt that many of the lower bids were coming from companies that did not fully understand this complex project, and would not be able to give me all that I had asked for, at the level of quality I required, in the final project. I will continue to use them for future enhancements I have p lanned for the Web Site.

Savitr did a very good and in-depth job of first analyzing this complex project and then providing an extensive and detailed Functional Requirements Specification. The Web Site required a great deal of inter-related functionalities and sophisticated capabilities and was quite complex.

Mr. Chris Ingram
Savitr is a first class web developer, we wisely selected them out of 38 bidders and they provided our company with an international web presence exceeding beyond our expectations.

Mr. Steve Kaip
Exceptional work from original description of project to completed e-business web site. Flexible to work with and trustworthy. Excellent work product. Good thinkers here! gave them general ideas of what I wanted and they put it together and more. Trustworthy supplier.

Mr. J.NYI Zaw win
Savitr has proven to be one of the best service provider I have ever worked with. They captured my concepts and ideas, and realized them in practical method and most logical manner. Once again, I am very pleased to be associated with Savitr, and they are highly recommended.

Mr. Vandenstockt
Savitr did a Great Job on the site. Their work was top notch.

Mr. Robert Leverton
Wow, they are good! Site layout and design was a perfect match for selling our product. They exceeded every expectation, but most noticeable was their responsiveness to making adjustments and helping out above and beyond what any typical site developer would do (we tried others)! The original work involved insured the site did not have a cookie cutter look to it. I am now a permanent customer.

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