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Savitr has proven to be one of the best service provider I have ever worked with. They captured my concepts and ideas, and realized them in practical method and most logical manner. Once again, I am very pleased to be associated with Savitr, and they are highly recommended.

- Mr. J.NYI Zaw win

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We at Savitr take pride in offering reliable services at competitive prices and at agreed upon timelines. As a company with over 7 years of relevant experience we have quality resources, sound processes, high efficiencies and the needed experience to honor the commitment of time, quality and lowered cost. Savitr reduces the total cost of ownership by being competitive in all aspects of its services and ensures that you enjoy maximum profitability.

Offshore resources and especially in India are of high quality with good computing skills. The cost structure of employing and managing these resources is highly profitable for you. Savitr adds value to this basic model by its people, processes and experience to further enhance your competitiveness and time to market.

Offshore pricing depends on various aspects which affect the pricing matrices. Some of the factors that affect the pricing include:

Size of the project / team
Lead time

Pricing of a software solution needs to factor the above mentioned issues and elements that are typical of a specific application development or process which may include incremental delivery, product building, research etc. Accommodating all these factors in a simple pricing model is by no means simple. Savitr is aware that clients and customers are looking for simple pricing matrices that help them quickly calculate, evaluate and compare the pricing of solutions.

Savitr being a small company without the overheads of large companies offers rates which vary between USD 20-30 per hour. Savitr believes that the customer and Savitr should have a win –win association in terms of pricing, delivery, service competence and engagement practices. This focus helps us provide you rates which competitive and services which are of high quality. Savitr is also focused in keeping its overheads low and manageable so that we can pass on the benefits of the same to you. Please send in your specific requirement so that we can take this engagement further. Click Here

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