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Talent Management Solutions

Applicant Tracking and Outline Recruiting
Human capital is critical to business success. Nevertheless, recruiting and selecting the right people requires a great deal of time, expertise, and expense. Our Online Recruiting and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) improves the effectiveness of recruiting and screening, speeds up the hiring process and reduces recruiting costs by 40 percent or more. As a fully hosted solution, it requires no expensive hardware or software. It is simple to use, requires very little training and can be implemented in a matter of days.

Career Center Technology
Career Center solutions allow associations and niche public career boards to create or increase existing revenue streams from job posting and advertising. Your organization can start generating non-dues revenues with no investment. The Career Center technology provides professional turnkey solutions that will help you to generate revenues from the first day. We can arrange all the administrative workflow for you. If you are operating a Public Career Board, we can offer various modules that will enhance your site, as well as a complete turnkey solution. You can focus your efforts on sales and marketing, your clients, and on generating revenues.

Employee Referral Solutions
Your own employees are the best source of new hires for your company. Our Employee Referral solution encourages employee referrals and provides effective and inexpensive incentives to increase interest and participation. Employee referrals are the least expensive method of hiring employees and the Employee Referral Solution guarantees to lower your recruiting costs by at least 20 percent and as much as 50 percent.

Posting Manager Solutions
Posting Manager is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get maximum exposure for your job postings. With a single click, your jobs are distributed to a comprehensive network of free career boards and any number of premium pay boards. Posting Manager will help you to advertise your jobs to thousands of candidates, meet diversity requirements and lower your cost of hiring. By taking care of administrative tasks, Posting Manager will allow you to spend more time on the actual hiring process.

Performance Appraisal Solutions
Superior performance is critical to the success of any organization. Yet, the typical painstaking performance appraisal process, with its piles of paper and complexity, is an unhappy exercise at best. Put that behind you with our Performance Appraisal solution. This web-based software application has unparalleled ease-of-use, efficiency, and functionality. Transform your existing performance appraisal form into a powerful performance management solution, or use our "strategy-based" solution derived from best practices.

Learning Management Solutions
The world's most successful organizations are "learning" organizations. Their ongoing market evolution, technology progress, and competitive changes, make talent development a must for any progressive organization. In addition, learning must be targeted and continuous to be effective. Our Learning Management Solution enables companies to manage a vast portfolio of training programs and resources. It makes it easy for managers and employees to create and implement personalized learning programs. In addition to managing internal training courses and facilities, the solution interfaces with outside vendors, colleges and universities, and non-classroom training such as Internet, video, and other training media.

Salary Management Solutions
Creating accurate salary planning and compensation awards remains problematic for many companies. Our Salary Management Solution presents a single resource for your company's salary planning information from a single application. This solution is comprised of three modules: Online Salary Management (Compensation Management software), Online Market Price (Market Data Management and Job Pricing Software), and Online Organization View (Merger, Acquisition, RIF and Restructuring Modeling). Each module integrates seamlessly with our solutions to provide an unparalleled enhancement and cost reduction tool for your company.

Our solution works with any HRIS/HRMS software and can be installed in less than 30 days.

Organization Charting Solutions
A company-wide organization chart is more than nice to have. It can become a valuable directory tool on any employee's desktop if it simply delivers an accurate hierarchy. Imagine an organization chart that goes further and delivers instant and accurate employee information configured in terms of security as well as responsibility. People View is an organizational chart that is built automatically from HRIS or any other employee database, including Excel files. Once deployed, it self-configures to display relevant information for each employee. You have the ability to control who sees what. Choose from multiple security levels and multiple data fields.

Organizational Modeling Solutions
Start with an accurate Org Chart and then add functionality that enables modeling of any variety. With OM, employees can be terminated, moved, added, sorted and flagged for further analysis through an on-screen interactive and intuitive interface. OM is a tool that allows an infinite number of versions, structures and criteria to be analyzed, compared, rated and evaluated with self-established customized hurdles. OM also allows strategic planners to model RIFs, mergers, acquisitions and growth, and then compare various versions to select the best one for future corporate configuration. OM is the single, most-powerful corporate strategic modeling tool available today. No other web-based tool can match OM in terms of scope, functionality, analytic capability and ease of use.

Voice Application Solutions
Not everyone who wants to apply for a job has access to the Internet. SmartVoice® seamlessly integrates with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and allows applicants to find jobs, apply for jobs, answer job-specific questions and set up interviews via the telephone, in real time. Using text-to-speech technology, jobs posted with the ATS are available immediately to callers. In addition, recruiters can create job-specific screening questions for applicants to answer, as well as set job-specific minimum passing grades. Applicant profiles, answers to screening questions and other information collected during a telephone call are immediately loaded into the ATS using the speech-to-text functionality. The solution eliminates the need for human intervention to record prompts or enter data and enables the voice server to be a true "online" application.

The voice application enhances the existing hourly functionality of our Applicant Tracking solution, which includes Kiosk connectivity that allows each location to have its own look and feel, set of jobs and data. Background checking, drug testing and automated interview scheduling are also integrated into the hourly ATS solution.


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